The Best of Everything

Best smells:

  1. Freshly cut hay
  2. The smell of diesel in London as you first come up from the tube
  3. Tomato vines
  4. Freesia
  5. Bread, just out of the oven
  6. Christmas trees
  7. Ginger
  8. The honeysuckle bush
  9. Doggie breath

Best sounds:

  1. Cicadas on a hot summer morning
  2. Crickets on a warm summer night
  3. Whistling the “classics” with friends on a deserted Mexican beach after dinner
  4. An unexpected trumpet prelude from a London balcony after a skate wing dinner
  5. Por Ti Volare at the end of a dinner party on a Tuscan evening
  6. Any of the many nicknames Tom has for me
  7. Laughter
  8. “I’ll put the luggage in the far back so Dylan can be near us.”
  9. Church bells in Italy

Best sights:

  1. Fireflies
  2. Rolls of hay in a West Chester landscape
  3. Sunset
  4. Fields of heather
  5. A hawk soaring overhead against a background of fluffy clouds
  6. A row of cyprus against Tuscan rolling hills
  7. An expanse of stars overhead away from the urban setting
  8. The saturated and mottled colors of weathered Italian architecture
  9. A smile
  10. A line of cows against a pasture fence

Best taste:

  1. Foie gras
  2. Pappardelle with wild boar sauce
  3. Goat cheese
  4. Fresh tomato on french bread
  5. Vinho Verde on a hot, Portuguese day
  6. Oysters with ginger and lemongrass

Best sensation:

  1. The instant refreshment dipping into the pool on a hot day
  2. Rubbing Tom’s earlob between my fingers
  3. A “pat” from Blanche
  4. Dylan’s fabulous fur
  5. The sun on your face after a long winter

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