After a record breaking winter, in terms of snow-fall, we are anxious for spring.  Several days of rain has finally cleared the landscape of the mounds of white snow.

Today, I watched a movie that I made of our summer garden. I could feel the warmth, and smell the fragrance.

Dylan has never seen summer at our place, and we can hardly wait to see him romping in the grass!

Although this has been the coldest – or at least snowiest – winter in the 7 years we’ve lived here., I must say it has also been the most beautiful.

The snow has conveniently fallen primarily on the weekends, and blessed us with some cozy, at home retreats.  The sheer depth of the snow has kept fields and lawns relatively untouched, so the brilliant white has not been overshadowed by the dirtier snow at the edge of the roads.

But why is it that winter tends to zap our energy?  Regardless of how well I plan my winter projects, I never seem to take advantage of the indoor hours as I’d hoped.  Tom  believes (only half kiddingly) that he suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder, deriving from an insufficient amount of bright daylight, and can explain any lack of motivation as a result.

We are two-thirds of the way through winter “officially”, although the true feeling of spring is still much further off.   But the days are getting longer and we are seeing more of that daylight we crave.   Daylight Savings Time is only three weeks away.   That alone is cause for celebration.

I hate to think I have stooped so low for ideas that I am now writing about the weather.  However, in this case, the weather is an experience.

Record breaking levels of snow fall in PA this year.  And not multiple 2-3″ accumulations.  Just a few really big snow falls.

A very strange sensation to wake up to snow fall and go to bed with snow fall.  The accumulation is a little claustrophobic.  It is both cozy and confining.

And this is our first year with our four-legged friend.  Our four-legged friend that is only 15″ high himself.  He takes the  piles of fluffy white stuff in stride and leaps about nimbly.   For us, however, it’s just a little something to make it more challenging!

I can’t believe that January is over.   But as months go, it is one that I’d just as soon go by quickly.

I seem to recall January being a quiet month in years past.  Hunkering down to spend the winter indoors.  Finding inside entertainment.  My mom used to do jigsaw puzzles in the winter.  I remember the card table permanently set up during January and February, with a puzzle in various stages of completeness.

There is always a project or two in the back of my mind that I will tackle in the winter. This year, it is a vow to get the hundreds of slides from past travel adventures scanned into digital images.  I’ve had that same project in mind for 2 or 3 years now.  But this year, I’m committed.  I’ve easily gone through 8 slide reels so far, and probably have just as many to go.  The process is time-consuming… but not nearly as time-consuming as the editing job that I will take on when this part of the process is over.

Is it worth it?  I think so.  Each image brings back not only a memory, but a sensation.  Beautiful times!