Perhaps I’ve got this backwards… yesterday I was grateful for a spa tub, and today I’m grateful for the fresh water to fill it.   The Illinois River Watershed Partnership has recently purchased a piece of land near our community that encompasses a cave and fresh springs that are part of the Illinois River Watershed.  The spring is amazing.  Fresh and cool.  Through their efforts, we will have a local sanctuary to enjoy and a place to educate our kids about the preciousness of fresh water.

I love that we’re back in a house that has a great tub.  Long soaks are a welcome solution for tired muscles, a chill in the air, or just a frazzled day.  Definitely something to be thankful for.

Facebook.  Yes, really.   I’m thankful for Facebook.  It has helped me connect with friends from High School, College, past jobs.   Across political affiliations, interests, genders, countries, and languages.

True, Facebook isn’t without faults…  either intrinsically in its design, or in the way we use it (translation = waste our time on it?).  But no other means has allowed me to easily keep in touch with people in my life the way Facebook has.   For that, it deserves a spot in my gratitude list!

A husband who cooks.   Not just dabbles, but really cooks.  A wonderful man who shops, chefs, and has put amazing meals on the table ever since I met him.  It’s no wonder that I can’t cook!

Even though my experience lies on the eating side, I do still consider myself a foodie at heart.  With my new found leisure time, I’m branching out and trying my hand at cooking as well.

There are an amazing amount of people blogging about food and cooking these days.  If you are interested at all in food, check out some of my favorites.   Totally inspiring!

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“Lucky to have been where I have been…”  (lyrics from a pretty sappy song “Lucky” by Jason Mraz, but none the less, applicable).   I’m so thankful that I’ve traveled a fair amount and been able to experience some cultures outside of the US.  It has made me appreciative of what we have… but also respectful of a different lifestyle.  Something that I believe I could never get from a textbook.

We have so many wonderful memories of our travels.  Pictures in our mind, and pictures for real.  Experiences that we will continue to add on to as we go along.

Everyone has their favorite.  Spain, Italy, Portugal — I have a hard time narrowing it from there.

Check out my photo gallery for some of our favorite images:

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