Does it age me to say that I’m grateful for the internet? What an amazing change from slow dial up connections, to the ever-on broadband connections, to widely available wi-fi, and take-it-with-you 3G. It has dramatically changed our lives along the way. Information is enormously more accessible to all of us, and our connections with others, stronger. And without it, I would not be giving thanks via my blog!

The Internet: A Decade Later

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I love that I live when I do. I crave the innovation that surrounds us. And the technology that changes how we live and function on a constant basis. I can’t imagine a more exciting time to be living.

Here’s a glimpse into the future, as envisioned by Corning Glass.  This is an updated video that they put out this year.  If you’re not one of the 21 millions people that saw the earlier version on YouTube, then check it out too…  if you’re like me, you are exhilarated each time you see it!

A Day Made of Glass 2

A Day Made of Glass 2