I hate to admit it, but the iPad has had a bigger effect on me than I expected. I am embarrassed to say that I have consumed far, far more content than I have created. And much of it mindless. I believe there were some early critics that predicted this.

But after a year of almost constant contact with my iPad, I vow to look at things differently this year. Ironically, I am planning to buy the next version, but with the hopes that Tom will embrace some new technology if I give him my hand-me- down.

That could be the biggest advancement of all. Imagine. Being able to send Tom and email or message electronically. Something most of us take for granted. But a novelty for Tom.

Stayed tuned for this next frontier!

Oh, to wake up in the morning… and find your iPad dead.  A crushing blow to the start of the day.

At first it was difficult to believe.  If I just plug it in.   If I push the buttons in a different order.  If I attach it to the computer.  But nothing.  Dark.  Blank.  Nada.

The hardest thing was admitting that it really did affect me.  Does that make me a bad person?  The first 24 hours were the most difficult adjustment.  But on day two and day three, it wasn’t so bad.  Maybe I’m still a functioning human being without a tablet attached.

In my often dramatic way, I told the story to all my co-workers.  But in reality, I survived.

I’m a little geeky.  What can I say?  I love gadgets.  I crave the latest technology.  I adore my Mac.

I just can’t figure out where I got this from.  No one in my family has a technical bend, or even handyman skills.  The joke in my house growing up was if Dad would make something worse if he tried to fix it.  We were just as amazed as Billy Crystal to learn that you could program a VCR while watching another program.

Not that being geeky makes you an AV genius kodak 045or able to fix the washing machine (now that’s a good story about my Dad), or even to write code.   But I do love iWeb, Photoshop and iMovie.  Finding the coolest iPhone app is a real conquest.  It took an iPod to really get me excited about music.  I have a basement filled with out of date PCs, monitors and video equipment (but who doesn’t?).  I geo-tag my photos.  And don’t get me started on eReaders.

The worst thing about my love of gadgets is that there is always something new, something better.  It encourages consuming far more than I’d like.   And, it means that my husband thinks I should know how to hook up the new DVD player…