A beautiful 70 degree today, and one can really appreciate the flowering trees and greening grass.

I forget how relaxing a ‘rock’ in the rocking chair on a beautiful evening can be. Guess I will be a really good old person!

Mother’s Day in Seattle was a gorgeous warm Sunday, which we took advantage of by heading to St Michelle’s winery. We skipped the tour and went directly to the gift shop to buy crackers, cheese and a Pinot Griegio for an impromptu lunch on the grounds.

We snagged a small table near a giant wine barrel, in the pathway for perfect people viewing. The grounds were filled with young families, picnicking on the lawn with blankets spread out under them. A family next to us had bicycled to the winery and were so terribly efficient in the dining, that we knew they did it often.

For some reason, the crowded grounds still had a calmness to them, and the surroundings did not lose their charm despite the numbers. To the contrary, it was a mezmorizingly tranquil day.

After a snow-filled winter, we have been favored with a beautiful spring so far.  Who would have guessed when there was still snow on the ground just one month ago, that we would have already had several picnics in balmy weather by now?

The place setting for our Easter picnic was not really a profound recognition of birth and rebirth, although I wish I’d thought of that at the time.  Chalk it up to having run out of all other disposable plates.  But appropriate none the less.

We are enjoying trees bursting with color.  The grass greening up to create those soothing rolling hills.  And we are eager to see new lambs on neighboring farms.

But we don’t even have to leave home for one of our simple pleasures… the smell of spring, the birds playing in the trees, new herbs poking up in the beds and the view of our still dormant vineyard from our relaxing rocking chairs on the deck.  What a setting…

What a tremendous arrival of spring!  Seventy-seven degrees (a new record).

Although we have no greenery to speak of, the sunshine was very encouraging, and inspiring enough for us to show Dylan the joys of picnicing.

The river was running fast after the addition of recent rain and snow melt.  And the cyclists were out in full force… their bright attire making up for the lack of spring flowers.

Dylan’s nose was working overtime, trying to capture every nuance in the fresh spring air.