I hate to think I have stooped so low for ideas that I am now writing about the weather.  However, in this case, the weather is an experience.

Record breaking levels of snow fall in PA this year.  And not multiple 2-3″ accumulations.  Just a few really big snow falls.

A very strange sensation to wake up to snow fall and go to bed with snow fall.  The accumulation is a little claustrophobic.  It is both cozy and confining.

And this is our first year with our four-legged friend.  Our four-legged friend that is only 15″ high himself.  He takes the  piles of fluffy white stuff in stride and leaps about nimbly.   For us, however, it’s just a little something to make it more challenging!

Being snowed in can be a good thing.  If you have the basic necessities.  Like oboe music, a clean, silky Corgi, a great cup of coffee, and a stunning landscape of sparkling white snow.

It’s difficult to tell how much snow we got yesterday…  reports are that it was about 16″, give or take.  The wind created large drifts in some places and smoothed it out in others.

The timing was perfect.  At the start of a weekend.  No particular plans.  All my Christmas shopping done.  And a new Corgi at my side.

No doubt 16″ inches of snow will look quite different to me in about a week, but for now, I’m just going to sit back, pour another cup of coffee, give another tummy rub, and enjoy it.