We’ve had six different homes since we’ve been married.  In different subdivisions, different cities, even different countries.  But we’ve never really lived in a neighborhood where the residents bonded and took the time to get to know each other.  We are very fortunate to be in a place like that now.

Girl’s Night Out every month, Fourth of July Fireworks, a fall Bonfire and Chili Fest, the Christmas Cookie Exchange.  But not just organized events.  There is the offer of help in shutting down the sprinkler system for the first time.  A rototiller when it’s time to plant the garden.  Someone to accept a delivery when you’re away.  An extra egg when you’re short one for the recipe.  It’s people getting together to put up the Christmas lights at the subdivision entrance.  Attending a play that one of the neighbors is performing in.  Or an impromptu Yappy Hour with our dogs.

What a huge difference it makes to be surrounded by engaged and friendly neighbors!