Good Friday…

Tony Tolbert “gets” paying it forward. He could write the book on how to pay it forward. I’m not talking about paying the toll of the person behind you, picking up a stranger’s check at the cafe, or paying off an unnamed person’s layaway before Christmas (although I think those are pretty awesome acts of kindness).

This man has a spirit of giving that far surpasses that. It’s something that he was raised with. As an entertainment lawyer in L.A., his father frequently invited people in need to live in their spare bedroom. It was a typical scene as Tony was growing up.

So it seemed perfectly logical to Tony to help a family living in a local shelter… by loaning them his house for a year. They were unknown to him, but will most certainly be forever grateful to him.

In the story aired on CBS This Morning, Tony talks about how his father taught kindness and generosity by living it. It shaped his straightforward perspective: “Kindness creates Kindness. Generosity creates Generosity. Love creates Love”

His story on Daily Good will make you rethink your definition of “Generosity”, and may just inspire you to create a little of your own!

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Pictures speak louder than words, so I wanted to share some images that celebrate the love and kindness around us.  Enjoy!

26 Moments That Restored Our Faith In Humanity This Year

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