Don’t you just love smart people?   You know – the kind that make you stop and think.  Smart peopleThat make you want to dig deeper.  The ones that challenge you to do better.  To contribute more.  The ones that you thank for making our lives better.  The ones that you grieve their departure even though you never knew them.

I’m thankful for the contributions and the inspiration that so many smart people have provided in my lifetime.  And I’m thankful for the caliber of people that I was able to work directly with as well.  I’ve always relished the opportunity to engage with thought leaders.

Don’t get me wrong — I consider myself very intelligent.  I’ve been able to do a lot of innovating and creative problem solving in my career.   But there used to be a time when the idea that I would never be another Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerman was pretty depressing.  I removed “What a Wonderful World” from my playlist because I couldn’t deal with the lyrics “I see babies cry, I watch them grow.   They’ll learn much more than I’ll ever know.”  Today, I’m more accepting of that notion.

They recently discovered that Einstein’s brain is different from most.  His prefrontal cortices were “relatively expanded”.  His brain had extra folds, and “larger -than-usual bulges… on the surface of the cerebral cortex”.  At first this information was comforting to me — sort of an excuse for why I wasn’t among the truly brilliant.  I wasn’t born with an exceptional brain.  But was he born with an exceptional brain, or is it more likely that his brain developed that way because of the way his used it?

Food for thought.  But in the mean time, I am grateful for really smart people.