One thing that I have become more thankful for this year is the “journey” of life itself.  I have been a planner and a goal setter all my life.  So, it’s been very different for me to not be working these past few months.  My calendar hasn’t been filled with meetings and appointments.  I don’t have the same (often looming) goals, or the next achievement dangling in front of me.

Instead, I’ve come to enjoy everyday things.  To appreciate the moment more.  To be content.  This is still something I’m perfecting.  The shift doesn’t happen overnight.  But I would encourage everyone to give it a try.

I think Alan Watts put a nice perspective on it in his video, “The real purpose of your life!”  Check it out, compliments of Science Dump.

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After drafting this post yesterday, I learned of the death of a co-worker and friend…  this is in memory of Steve Greenwood, who made a real impact on my life.