A June morning when I am finally motivated enough to weed my unusually unruly vegetable garden.

For the first time, I have chosen to focus on herbs rather than vegetables, hoping to keep things simple. It is only at Tom’s urging that I bought two tomato plants to join the chives, parsley, rosemary, thyme, basil, oregano and sage that populate the majority of my raised beds. Despite my careful planning, there are now almost a dozen tomato plants thriving in their midst — offspring of past tomato plants. The mystery of their variety will gradually reveal itself.

Anyway, the mundane chore of weeding doesn’t often attract me. But today I have at least felt obligated enough to attempt the chore. And as I am working my way through the boxes, I begin to smell the most wonderful things. Basil. Tomato. Oregano. Parsley. The fragrant air makes the chore so much more bearable.