Recently moving out of state has made me more thankful than ever for friends. Both my “old” friends, and the “new” ones that I am making now. Both precious.

I doubt anyone would contest the importance of friendship. It is crucial for our wellbeing. It’s effects have been documented for health benefits — from depression and obesity, to happiness in general and being engaged with your work.

If you want to read some of the findings about the importance of friendship, look at the study of friendship that author Tom Rath conducted and talks about in his book, Vital Friends: The People You Can’t Afford To Live Without. Or visit the Mayo Clinic for their perspective.

But, in the meantime, be grateful for friends…

Facebook.  Yes, really.   I’m thankful for Facebook.  It has helped me connect with friends from High School, College, past jobs.   Across political affiliations, interests, genders, countries, and languages.

True, Facebook isn’t without faults…  either intrinsically in its design, or in the way we use it (translation = waste our time on it?).  But no other means has allowed me to easily keep in touch with people in my life the way Facebook has.   For that, it deserves a spot in my gratitude list!

One of the things that I am grateful for this year is being reconnected with my former college roommate. She was a lot of fun back then, and is still constantly dabbling in all kinds of interesting things. It is because of her that I’ve decided to post thirty days of gratitude. I borrowed the idea from her – originally intended to be one “gratitude” for each day of November. I may be a little late getting started, but I will use Thanksgiving as the launch of my thirty days.

So, in no particular order, here begins thirty things that I am giving thanks for this year.

Thanks, Debbie, for being such a good friend in college and for continuing to inspire me!

Check out her blog:

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