I’m thankful for food on so many levels…

Most importantly, I’m thankful that we have access to so much healthy food and that we never go to bed hungry.


I’m thankful for farmers who work every day to provide us food. A job that I would fail miserably at, and often goes unappreciated.

I’m also grateful for the wonderful taste sensations that I experience on a regular basis. Our exposure to a wide variety food, and a broad range of cooking techniques make for very interesting meals. Thank you, Julia Child, Food Network, Bon Appetit Magazine, and a slew of terrific food bloggers* for teaching and inspiring us!

Bon appetit!

*Just a few of my favorite foodie bloggers: Love and Olive Oil, Table for Two, My French Kitchen, La Buena Vida, and La Tartine Gourmande

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Day seven: my husband-chef

A husband who cooks.   Not just dabbles, but really cooks.  A wonderful man who shops, chefs, and has put amazing meals on the table ever since I met him.  It’s no wonder that I can’t cook!

Even though my experience lies on the eating side, I do still consider myself a foodie at heart.  With my new found leisure time, I’m branching out and trying my hand at cooking as well.

There are an amazing amount of people blogging about food and cooking these days.  If you are interested at all in food, check out some of my favorites.   Totally inspiring!

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Love and Olive Oil

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Probably the nicest business trip that I’ve done. The Food and Wine Classic in Aspen was in a gorgeous setting with a relaxed atmosphere. The production of video content for In the kitchen With David was very well done, and the live show on Sunday a success!