We are hoping that Santa won’t be mad… sometimes a Corgi just needs a cookie.


Enjoy this wonderful season with those you love… including those warm, furry friends that bring so many smiles.

Merry Christmas!


I remember it so well.  Finding Dylan.  I remember it well because it was unexpected in so many ways.

For a year or two, leading up to the momentous day, Dylanwe had been spotting more Corgis than usual as we were out and about.  And my longing to have a Corgi of our own was growing stronger.  I considered it a very good sign to run into a Corgi on my birthday that year… feeling certain that it was an omen that a Corgi was in our future.

But then life went on.  Until December 11, 2010

You could say that Google was responsible for bringing Dylan into our lives.  But in an unusual way.   It was a Friday, and while eating my lunch at my desk, I put a simple search into Google, looking for things to do in the area over the weekend.

Google’s typically relevant results were a little bit off that day.  About the third search result down was a link to PetFinder.  How odd.  What did PetFinder have to do with weekend events around West Chester, PA?   I scrolled passed it to continue my hunt for weekend adventure.

google search screenshot

But then I stopped.   It had been awhile since I’d searched for a Corgi in my area.  Might as well give it a try.  You can imagine my surprise when a picture of Dylan came up… at a shelter only two miles from our house.

Well, the thought of this Corgi kept sneaking into my head throughout the afternoon.  At home that night, I casually mentioned it to my husband, thinking he would poo-poo it, saying this wasn’t yet the right time.

Our fabulous corgi

But then the second unusual thing happened.  My normally non-committal husband (to pets, that is) was very interested in Dylan.  He began to lay out a plan.  We must arrive at the SPCA before they open to queue up.  We must stop by the pet store before hand and buy a crate, food, and all the basic necessities.   Because once we get Dylan, he was sure we wouldn’t want to leave him alone to do all that shopping.

You don’t know my husband, but this behavior was very unusual.  We don’t make decisions that will dramatically change our lifestyle quickly.  Which gives you a little background into how the story progresses.

The next day we were indeed queued up at the SPCA before they opened.  We found out that Dylan had been there a week already, and had not yet been adopted.  We had some time together with Dylan, and were given his psychological profile (calm, friendly, not a lap dog, doesn’t play with toys, etc.).  Dylan was a handsome dog, and there was nothing about him to dislike.  He was quiet.  A little timid.  Probably a good match for our personality, and our non-kid household.  But we needed to think.

Our fabulous Corgi

We headed home to have some lunch and to talk.  It was sitting at the kitchen table that it hit us.  This is a beautiful Corgi.  This is a great dog.  We’d be crazy not to adopt him.  Then we started to panic.   We need to get back there before someone else snatched him up.  I made a phone call, feeling totally ridiculous asking the SPCA to put Dylan on “hold” for us, as if he were a sweater at Nordstrom.

But it so happens that they DO put pets on hold, and when we returned later that afternoon, he was all ours.

To this day, one of the most wonderful things I’ve ever heard was the announcement made over the speaker system as I was walking toward the front door with Dylan at my side “Dylan’s going HOME”.

our fabulous corgi

Every December 12th, we celebrate Dylan’s “birthday”.  We were told he was about 3 1/2 years old when we adopted him, but we’re calling it an even three as of 12/12/2009.  So, that makes Dylan six years old today.

our fabulous corgi

He has grown from the shy, quiet dog we first met, to an active (dominant!) participant in our family life.

our fabulous corgi

His herding instincts have kicked in, as he happily demonstrates every morning as we start to collect ourselves for our morning walk.

our fabulous corgi

He adores riding in the car and travels with us constantly.

our fabulous corgi

He waits patiently when we’ve mistakenly left him out on his own.

our fabulous corgi

He adorns our Christmas cards they way other people’s children do.

Corgi sleeping

He has those same crazy sleeping habits that many Corgis do.

our fabulous corgi

He is far too interested in food.

our fabulous corgi

Happy Birthday, Dylan.  We adore you!

Slumber.  I’m thankful for the chance to refresh IMG_1308ourselves with a good nights sleep.

A night or two without it make you truly appreciate how wonderful it is.


Need I say more? Dylan has changed our lives for the better and we couldn’t image being without him. Who knew?

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Its Dylan’s birthday today. Actually, the date we adopted him. Sometimes it’s hard to remember a time when we he hasn’t been around. Other time we look at each other and say ‘Do you realize we have a DOG?’

He has certainly changed our lives. Definitely for the better. There are so many ways he makes me smile. The tinkle of his tags as he walks into a room. The sound of his nails on the tiles. The moan that he gives during a really good rub. The feel of his tongue trying to get a treat out of my fist. The softness of his fur. His cute little smile.

What a miracle that we found him.