My husband has a fondness for dishes.  He collects them the way some people collect sports memorabilia or cars.   Hmmm.  Thinking about it that way puts things in a whole P8221578new perspective.  It could definitely be worse.

Actually, I like dishes too.  I remember buying a set on our first trip to Spain.  We were really loaded down on the flight home and we were trying to make our carry-on filled with dishes look light weight and inconspicuous.  Awkward, but we got them home in one piece.  To this day, they add a special touch to a bowl of mussels and a Cesar salad.

We have dishes for almost every occasion or size of dinner party.  From a formal service for 24, to a cute little breakfast set for 2.  From Italy, Spain, Mexico, China, Portugal, Thailand.  A vibrant color, an interesting shape, a pleasing pattern.  The variety is amazing.

Of course the obvious appeal to dishes – beyond the aesthetics – is the whole experience of using them.  Good food.  Relaxing evenings with friends.  So many things to love about them.

I’ve decided a photo study of our dishes is in order.  If for nothing else than to take an inventory of sorts.  But in truth, there are some beautiful designs that are a work of art unto themselves.