I’ve always loved books.  My husband could spend hours in a music store, but my escape is a book store.  Although most of my book purchasing these days is in digital form, being in a physical bookstore is still a thrill.

During our recent move, I forced myself to get rid of a lot of books.  Although I still have a wonderful stash of books that I vow to read a second time (or third, or fourth…), I finally gave away dozens of books that I knew were just taking up space.

I’ve kept a list of some of my favorite books here.  They are definitely on my “read again” bookshelf.

This past year, I haven’t read as much fiction as I typically do.  Too much going on.  I think I have just made the first of my New Year’s resolutions!

I often discover the best reads through recommendations of friends.   Read any good books lately?