Who ever thought two words (About Me) could be so daunting?

Some would say I’m a little too committed to my work. I like to think I’m good at what I do. I have a lot of expertise at merchandising – in almost every form: online, in store, catalog and TV. I am both techie and creative and fortunately I get to work with both types of very talented people.


Work aside, I like to indulge my techie and creative sides through photography, video, music, web publishing and electronic gadgets. I also love to travel, dabble in vegetable gardening and read.  I find nothing more enjoyable than entertaining a small group of friends with an evening of great food and lively conversation.

So, why a blog?

Because I’m not a scrapper…

I’ve never made a scrapebook.  I’ve never kept a journal.  But the idea of recording life’s experiences has a real hold on me.

Not just the big experiences.   Not even just my experiences.   The experiences that make up our lives.

This is a place for me to keep track of them.  To combine thoughts, impressions, happenings and visuals.  An alternate memory of sorts.  Something to look back on and smile.