Saturday morning. Ahh. There is definitely something special about a Saturday morning.

Our nest is empty (has always been empty, really), and work is a fluid, flexible thing. But Saturday morning still brings a special feeling about it.

It represents the end of a productive week. It seldom has appointments or specific time slots on the calendar. It gives us plenty of breathing room.

If I could construct a perfect Saturday morning, it would look something like this…


First of all, it would be in the summer, because it would include waking up early, with the sun. The first cup of coffee would be down by the pool, breathing in the fragrance of the roses outlining the deck.

This lovely prelude to the day would last as long as our Corgi dear could postpone his morning walk. But the walk itself would be refreshing, and we would return to another cup of coffee and some breakfast on the deck. The view of our garden and pool would be rivaled only by the horses in the neighboring yard.

Dylan by the Pool

There would be some reading involved. Some magazines, newspapers, emails, etc. But mostly, it would be the time that the three of us would hang out before going about our day – however that played out for each of us.

Grasses against the clouds

The best thing about this perfect Saturday morning? It is very close to my every morning. Whether it be summer of winter, the relaxed feel of morning routine is quite a luxury!