Good Friday…

Give Yourself a Pep Talk

Today, choose the road less traveled… the road that leads to Awesome.  Just the kind of pep talk that most of us need.  From an upbeat ‘Kid President’ who will inspire you more that you want to admit.

An article on Today News provides a little insight into this kid who thinks “boring” is our downfall.  With some help from his brother-in-law, Robby has been posting positive videos and tweets in an effort to spread encouragement where it’s needed most.  What’s downplayed is the fact that Robby suffers from brittle bone condition and has had over 75 bone breaks since he was born.  Knowing that might give you a different perspective when you hear him say, ‘Less complaining, more dancing.’

What will you create to make the world awesome?  We can all be a force for change.  Playing this pep talk every morning might just give us that extra nudge to use our abilities to make an awesome contribution.

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