January 2013

How is it that I am in my 50’s and just learning how to clean a house? I admit it, I have been spoiled. I put in lots of hours at work, and was fortunate to have a spouse that was happy to stay home and take care of me… and of the house. (more…)

Good Friday…

If you’re like me, Groupon is one of many eager emails that begs for your attention in your inbox each morning.  I’ve participated in one or two good deals, but more typically take a quick look and then hit “delete”.

Thanks to TechCrunch’s The Weekly Good, I learned that Groupon has a program called “Grassroots“.  Their mission is to make it easy for people to do good in their communities.   You can read TechCrunch’s interview with Groupon’s Head of Social Innovation, Patty Huber Morrissey and see it explained in a video here.

Nice to see Groupon using their reach in a positive way, increasing awareness for good causes.  The campaigns they support vary widely.  Anyone can submit one, and if enough people support it (the “tipping point”), the cause receives 100% of the money collected.  Groupon even pays the credit card transaction fees.   Most of the campaigns are asking for $15-20 donations.  If the project doesn’t reach the tipping point, the supporters credit cards are not charged.

Pretty cool.  They state that over 1200 campaigns have raised $4,4 Million from almost 200,000 supporters nationwide.

Here’s an example of one of a recent campaign that raised money to provide a home for Bison in the Grasslands of the Fort Belknap Indian Reservation.

Groupon Grassroots

So, next time you skim through that Groupon email, take an extra moment to check out the grassroots projects as well.  Or download their free App.  They are often supporting projects right in your own community!



Good Friday…

Tony Tolbert “gets” paying it forward. He could write the book on how to pay it forward. I’m not talking about paying the toll of the person behind you, picking up a stranger’s check at the cafe, or paying off an unnamed person’s layaway before Christmas (although I think those are pretty awesome acts of kindness).

This man has a spirit of giving that far surpasses that. It’s something that he was raised with. As an entertainment lawyer in L.A., his father frequently invited people in need to live in their spare bedroom. It was a typical scene as Tony was growing up.

So it seemed perfectly logical to Tony to help a family living in a local shelter… by loaning them his house for a year. They were unknown to him, but will most certainly be forever grateful to him.

In the story aired on CBS This Morning, Tony talks about how his father taught kindness and generosity by living it. It shaped his straightforward perspective: “Kindness creates Kindness. Generosity creates Generosity. Love creates Love”

His story on Daily Good will make you rethink your definition of “Generosity”, and may just inspire you to create a little of your own!

Screen Shot 2013-01-10 at 4.28.34 PM

I woke up this morning to a bright, sunny day.  It’s been cloudy lately, and we were especially feeling the weight of the overcast skies yesterday.  Seemed like we moved more slowly, spoke more softly.  So I was especially happy to see the bright blue skies and to see the strong rays of light spilling onto the breakfast table.

And I felt real joy in the day.  I was conscious – at least for the moment – of what a wonderful gift today is.

And it made me think of a YouTube video (a poem, really) that I saw this week, via the InspireMe channel.  It is a poignant reminder of how important today is.

Take two minutes (1:45, actually) to watch this and feel inspired to make something special out of today.

No Regrets About Today

There will always be another day

Good Friday…

Hoping you can take a break from your day.  You know, forget the overflowing email inbox.  Stop multi tasking just long enough to focus in on this one thing.

Sit back and look at this video …and let it remind you of the joys in personal relationships.

Free Hugs!

Free Hugs

Sometimes, a hug is all what we need.

Free hugs is a real life controversial story of Juan Mann, A man whos sole mission was to reach out and hug a stranger to brighten up their lives.

In this age of social disconnectivity and lack of human contact, the effects of the Free Hugs campaign became phenomenal.

As this symbol of human hope spread accross the city, police and officials ordered the Free Hugs campaign BANNED. What we then witness is the true spirit of humanity come together in what can only be described as awe inspiring.

Visit Free Hugs Campaign to read the story behind the video.

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