Photography is amazing.  It inspires me and excites me.  Photos can evoke memories certainly.  But they can also bring instant sensations as well.  A remembrance of a taste.  A smell.  Or a sound.

A sunny day in Portugal, and my first taste of the crisp, vinho verde03almost tart sip of Vinho Verde.  I can still feel it on my tongue when I see this picture.

Or the powerful smell of rosemary against a warmed wall on 4m_2a summer’s day in Tuscany.

Or the baying of longhorns as their mealOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA time was approaching.

My parents were not photography buffs.  And both Tom and I tend to steer  clear of the front of the camera.  But we have so many opportunities today to document our lives and to relive particular moments.  What a wonderful gift.


I’ve started to move my online photo album to a site of it’s own.  Please visit it to see some of the photos that make me happy.