April 2011

A beautiful 70 degree today, and one can really appreciate the flowering trees and greening grass.

I forget how relaxing a ‘rock’ in the rocking chair on a beautiful evening can be. Guess I will be a really good old person!

I hate to admit it, but the iPad has had a bigger effect on me than I expected. I am embarrassed to say that I have consumed far, far more content than I have created. And much of it mindless. I believe there were some early critics that predicted this.

But after a year of almost constant contact with my iPad, I vow to look at things differently this year. Ironically, I am planning to buy the next version, but with the hopes that Tom will embrace some new technology if I give him my hand-me- down.

That could be the biggest advancement of all. Imagine. Being able to send Tom and email or message electronically. Something most of us take for granted. But a novelty for Tom.

Stayed tuned for this next frontier!