December 2010

Oh, to wake up in the morning… and find your iPad dead.  A crushing blow to the start of the day.

At first it was difficult to believe.  If I just plug it in.   If I push the buttons in a different order.  If I attach it to the computer.  But nothing.  Dark.  Blank.  Nada.

The hardest thing was admitting that it really did affect me.  Does that make me a bad person?  The first 24 hours were the most difficult adjustment.  But on day two and day three, it wasn’t so bad.  Maybe I’m still a functioning human being without a tablet attached.

In my often dramatic way, I told the story to all my co-workers.  But in reality, I survived.

Its Dylan’s birthday today. Actually, the date we adopted him. Sometimes it’s hard to remember a time when we he hasn’t been around. Other time we look at each other and say ‘Do you realize we have a DOG?’

He has certainly changed our lives. Definitely for the better. There are so many ways he makes me smile. The tinkle of his tags as he walks into a room. The sound of his nails on the tiles. The moan that he gives during a really good rub. The feel of his tongue trying to get a treat out of my fist. The softness of his fur. His cute little smile.

What a miracle that we found him.