August 2010

The sweetness of doing nothing. A skill I want to cultivate.

It typically hasn’t been easy for me to relax and do nothing. To just savor my surroundings, to completely engage with the person I’m with, or just to let my thoughts run free.

But I’m getting better at it. I see the appeal in it. I’m able to enjoy a weekend without a flurry of activities, or sit on the porch gazing over the vineyard without direction.

There is something very peaceful and rejuvenating about doing nothing. Strength training for the soul…

It’s been over a year since I started this blog.  It’s whizzed by faster than a Vespa in Florence (it must be time to get another dose of Tuscan life). 

True to my personality, I was quite ambitious about how frequently I wanted to contribute to my blog.  In august last year, I made 10 posts.  Some months since I’ve had to rush just to make one. 

Frequency isn’t important to me now.  But the mindset to mark life’s experience is.  I’ve been a little distracted at times this past year, and have not always stopped to savor and really experience the things around me.  That will be my goal this next year.

As I look back on the past year, several losses stand out.  In a conversation recently, I had told someone that we had been in Seattle more than usual this spring because of Mabel’s illness.  When asked if she was better, I paused, and realized that yes – she was better.  It’s those that are left behind that may still struggle, but I know that she is better.

Probably the good fortune of our year was Dylan coming into our lives.  He was a miracle dog right from the beginning.  Our lives have clearly changed for the better.  Stay tuned for what I intend to be the well documented 10 day road trip with Dylan coming up in September.

When I look back on my first post, and my self description in “About Me”, I have a good feeling about the past year.  If I were describing my self again, I probably wouldn’t start out writing about my professional life.  That in itself makes a strong statement about getting better balance in my life this past year.  My attitude towards work and aging have changed for the better.  I hope this next year will reveal progress in evolving to a well-balanced and appreciative state.

Cherry tomatoes in our omlette for breakfast. Amazingly fresh French bread with a thick tomato slide on our picnic for lunch. Grilled shrimp and tomatoes for dinner.

Yum. It must be August!