June has come and gone.  In a desperate attempt to not let an entire month go by without making note of it, I am doing so now.

Just as this comes just under the wire of that mark, I feel like I have gone through the month of June in much the same way – under the wire.  I have passed through it in a sort of daze.  Stunned by the death of 3 people in my life.  I wondered at first if I would ever break through that daze.

One of the thoughts that bothered me the most during these past few weeks, was the idea that I was walking around with these feelings draped heavily over me, and most people I encountered had no idea.  The troubling part was not that they were unaware or not empathic… it was the idea that everyone around me could be walking through life with the same heavy drape around them and I was not aware of it.

One of the most impactful dialogue lines from the movie “Phenomenon” depicts this.   One of the characters told the main character (who was experiencing dramatic change in his life and trying to get everyone else to understand him):  “We’re all going through something”.

But now I hope to enjoy the summer.  To love the life I have.  To laugh more.  To acknowledge the “something” that everyone is going through.