I let a lot of things get the best of me today…  needing to go into the office on a Sunday, a few extra chores, a less than sympathetic husband, the winter cold.

But then, on the simplest of weekend duties  (walking Dylan),  the unexpected happened.  Fireworks.

At first I thought it was gunfire (not entirely unusual around here during hunting season).  But the rapid repetition made gunfire seem unlikely.   Then Dylan and I rounded the corner towards home and we saw it:  fireworks.   The big, bold, fourth of July type fireworks.   In the middle of winter.  Somewhere in our neighborhood.   What a beautiful sight.

And if I hadn’t gone into the office in the afternoon and consequently walked Dylan a little later than usual.  Or if Tom had decided to do that weekend duty for me.  I never would have seen fireworks in February.

There is something good in everything.