February 2010

I let a lot of things get the best of me today…  needing to go into the office on a Sunday, a few extra chores, a less than sympathetic husband, the winter cold.

But then, on the simplest of weekend duties  (walking Dylan),  the unexpected happened.  Fireworks.

At first I thought it was gunfire (not entirely unusual around here during hunting season).  But the rapid repetition made gunfire seem unlikely.   Then Dylan and I rounded the corner towards home and we saw it:  fireworks.   The big, bold, fourth of July type fireworks.   In the middle of winter.  Somewhere in our neighborhood.   What a beautiful sight.

And if I hadn’t gone into the office in the afternoon and consequently walked Dylan a little later than usual.  Or if Tom had decided to do that weekend duty for me.  I never would have seen fireworks in February.

There is something good in everything.

Although this has been the coldest – or at least snowiest – winter in the 7 years we’ve lived here., I must say it has also been the most beautiful.

The snow has conveniently fallen primarily on the weekends, and blessed us with some cozy, at home retreats.  The sheer depth of the snow has kept fields and lawns relatively untouched, so the brilliant white has not been overshadowed by the dirtier snow at the edge of the roads.

But why is it that winter tends to zap our energy?  Regardless of how well I plan my winter projects, I never seem to take advantage of the indoor hours as I’d hoped.  Tom  believes (only half kiddingly) that he suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder, deriving from an insufficient amount of bright daylight, and can explain any lack of motivation as a result.

We are two-thirds of the way through winter “officially”, although the true feeling of spring is still much further off.   But the days are getting longer and we are seeing more of that daylight we crave.   Daylight Savings Time is only three weeks away.   That alone is cause for celebration.

I hate to think I have stooped so low for ideas that I am now writing about the weather.  However, in this case, the weather is an experience.

Record breaking levels of snow fall in PA this year.  And not multiple 2-3″ accumulations.  Just a few really big snow falls.

A very strange sensation to wake up to snow fall and go to bed with snow fall.  The accumulation is a little claustrophobic.  It is both cozy and confining.

And this is our first year with our four-legged friend.  Our four-legged friend that is only 15″ high himself.  He takes the  piles of fluffy white stuff in stride and leaps about nimbly.   For us, however, it’s just a little something to make it more challenging!