I can’t believe that January is over.   But as months go, it is one that I’d just as soon go by quickly.

I seem to recall January being a quiet month in years past.  Hunkering down to spend the winter indoors.  Finding inside entertainment.  My mom used to do jigsaw puzzles in the winter.  I remember the card table permanently set up during January and February, with a puzzle in various stages of completeness.

There is always a project or two in the back of my mind that I will tackle in the winter. This year, it is a vow to get the hundreds of slides from past travel adventures scanned into digital images.  I’ve had that same project in mind for 2 or 3 years now.  But this year, I’m committed.  I’ve easily gone through 8 slide reels so far, and probably have just as many to go.  The process is time-consuming… but not nearly as time-consuming as the editing job that I will take on when this part of the process is over.

Is it worth it?  I think so.  Each image brings back not only a memory, but a sensation.  Beautiful times!