Dylan has entered our lives. An adorable Corgi.  

So many signs seemed to indicate that the time was right for getting the Corgi that we spend so much time talking about but not acting on. A couple of weeks ago, on my birthday weekend in Bucks County, we ran into a fine Corgi specimen. It was the sign of luck for the following year. And last weekend, while out for a walk in a preserve, we encountered another Corgi, Brandy, who took a real liking to me. Just remembering that encounter during the week made me smile.

So, when the SPCA came up in a google search that seemed totally unrelated, I was curious enough to see if they had a Corgi. Unlikely. But, there was Dylan. His parents were divorcing and moving. He was three years old. I didn’t even tell Tom right away. But when I did, he insisted that we should go see him first thing in the morning.

And we went prepared. With some basic dog needs in the back that we bought along the way. We suspected, honestly, that Dylan was already gone. But, no. He was still there.

What a beautiful announcement the volunteer made over the loud-speaker to the rest of the dogs and workers… “Dylan is going home!”