I fully intended that this represent both the big and little experiences of life.  But I think I’ve failed to really capture any of the little experiences that make up everyday life.

Mostly I have focused on past experiences that have been memorable.  Certainly valid.   And I’ve noted some thoughts and inspirations I’m encountering today.  Like meditation.  Like yoga.  Like pleasant weekends.

But I’ve neglected to recognize experiences in my work life (clearly a significant portion of my waking hours) or personal life that may lack the memorable quality of other things.  But that have an impact on our lives.

This past weekend, Tom’s brother required hospitalization while on a trip.  It must have been alarming to both him and to his wife.  It undoubtedly was to us as well.

It was one of those eye opening experiences that remind us that life is short.  It made us consider our own mortality.  We don’t spend nearly enough time with those we love.  It helps to ground us in what is important.   And how to live our lives.