For me, three days is the perfect length for a weekend.  A luxury to be sure, but practical as well.

Work is typically all-consuming for me when I’m there.  I really don’t have time for the occasional personal call or a check in with my facebook page at lunch.  My day is longer than most.  I try to fool myself that coming in really early doesn’t take anything away from my non-work life.  My husband would argue that I often can’t slip out of that work mode even after I get home either.   So, four days of flat-out work seem like the perfect recipe for me.

It takes me three days to really relax and rejuvenate.    It’s not that I don’t get relaxed until the third day.  One a three day weekend, I relax almost immediately.  Just the knowledge of three full days allows me to relax from the very beginning.  To put the work issues out of my mind.  Ahhh.

This was a three day weekend for me.  I was able to do everything that I wanted to do to make me smile:  picnic.  see a movie.  blog.  get a pedicure.  read.  go out to lunch.  barbeque.  make pesto.  entertain.  go for a country drive.  Sunday Drive And it still gave me the time to do the things that I need to do (but don’t make me smile quite so much).

Could a four day work week ever be a reality?  Should I feel slothful in wanting three days to unwind?  The incredible increase in productivity that has transpired over the past 100 years is surely to blame for the need.  Yet, God only rested one day after creating the entire world.  I think that’s pretty good productivity.

Who knows… maybe my next career…