One weekend while living in Mexico, we headed off to Santa Clara del Cobre.  Saint Clare of the Copper.  It’s located in Michoacan and we chose it as our destination in late September, at the end of the rainy season.

The hills were a lush green and almost tropical in nature, with cascading Bougainvillea everywhere.  The perfect time to visit.

And, as one might expect, 2000_1111_112824AAcopper for sale everywhere.  Anything you can imagine being made of copper was crafted here.  We came home with a car full of copper pans, which hang in our kitchen still (admittedly, we enjoy looking at them more than cooking with them).

But the most vivid memory of the town was in our approach to it.  We were driving down an ancient cobble stone road.  Rough and uneven.  Slow going, even as the only car on the road.  But as we got closer to the town, we noticed an old man sitting by the side of the road in a hard backed chair.  Getting closer still, the thick rope of chain across the road becomes visible.

As we pulled up to the chain, the old man got up to greet us…   and to collect his one peso toll for letting us through.