I’ve been practicing and enjoying yoga for quite some time now.  But, I must confess, I cheat.   I’m just not good at clearing my mind.  Of course, it’s only me that knows it.  It’s only me that I delude.

Sometimes, while practicing yoga, my mind is busy solving the world’s problems.  Actually, it’s not that noble at all.  I’m actually busy thinking through work issues.  Or tackling investment quandaries.  Or trying to organize my life (which, by the way, is probably already too organized). DSCF0248 I actually believe that I am getting two things done at once — solving problems and rejuvenating physically.  In reality, I am doing neither well.  I am only fooling myself.

So, I am trying to learn meditation.  I’m an overly disciplined person, so you think this would be easy for me to command myself to clear my mind.  We’ll see.  Shakti Mhi says that you don’t have to stop thinking entirely, you just have to become an observer.  To distance your thoughts and separate yourself from them.

Something to aspire too:  Mind over mind…