Just the thought of summer can bring a smile.  From as far back as I can remember, summer was something I looked forward to.  And something that never lasted long enough.100_2261

Why is it that summer flies by and winter just drags on?  It’s one of the great mysteries of life.

This year, we developed a campaign we called “Love Summer”.  One of our inspired copywriters put the essence of the campaign into words:




Love Summer, Love Saturdays

It’s time for baseball and beach balls.

Corn on the cob and burgers on the grill.

Short shorts and long weekends.

Popsicles that turn your tongue red and sunscreen that keeps your nose from doing the same.

It’s time for all the simple pleasures that make us love those precious  few months.

And it’s time for us to own that feeling, especially on Saturdays.

You know the feeling when you hear the ice cream truck? Let’s create that same anticipation leading into every Saturday.

Remember the joy of coming across that single perfect seashell on the beach? Let’s give her that same joyful surprise – be it a new item, or a special offer – week after week after week.


P7121532As an adult, summer isn’t everything to me that it was as a child.  My adult summer might mean a slightly slower pace at work.  It means outdoor concerts.  Picnics.  Lots of them.  Country drives in the Miata.  The instant refreshment of dipping into the pool on a hot day.  Farmers markets.  Fresh cut hay.  Longer days.  Fireflies.  Rocking ChairsCicadas.  Gazpacho.  Steaks on the grill.  Vinho Verde.  Fluffy clouds.  Growing my own tomatoes.  Dining outside with friends.  Brazilian music.  Peonies.  Fireworks.  A good book in the rocking chair looking out onto the vineyard.

Summer.  A little slice of heaven.