It’s hard for me to admit, but Charlie was right.  Charlie was my boss-who-lived-in-another -country while I was living in Mexico City.  He had done the whole expat thing (in Florence, no less), and had recommended that I keep a journal while we lived in Mexico City.

But I didn’t take his advice.  We were too busy having a thoroughly amazing, educating and enjoyable experience.  Now I wish I had.  Mexico City Zocalo at Christmas

We moved to Mexico City in 1994, just after NAFTA was signed.  There was quite a rush of Americans, Canadians, Australians and others into the county to take advantage of this great opportunity.  We were 2 of 250,000 Americans living in Mexico City.

By some statistics, Mexico City is the largest city in the world.   The cultural differences were intriguing.  Nothing was easy.  We learned things every day and we made a lot of good friends in the process.

Over time, I will use this space to write about some of our adventures in Mexico.  And to make that long overdue journal that Charlie suggested…