Snap dragonHow appropriate that we identified santosha as our intention in yoga practice last night. Santosha is contentment.

Contentment is serenity, but not complacency. It is comfort, but not submission; reconciliation, not apathy; acknowledgment, not aloofness. Contentment is a mental decision, a moral choice, a practiced observance, a step into the reality of the cosmos. Contentment/santosha is the natural state of our humanness and our divinity and allows for our creativity and love to emerge.  It is knowing our place in the universe at every moment. It is unity with the largest, most abiding, reality.


It seems that so often we look to experiences (or even things) to give us happiness, to makes us content… checking off one more thing from that mental list of what we “have” or “have done” that will get us there.

This blog isn’t about those kind of experiences.  And it isn’t about chalking up or keeping track.  It will never be published as “1000 Things to Do Before You Die”.  Its just for fun.  Just a record of life.  Hopefully a record of contentment.

Maybe not as deep as the concept of santosha, but many songwriters have expressed the sentiment as well.  I consider them equally inspiring:

Its not having what you want

Its wanting what you’ve got

Sheryl Crow (Soak up the Sun)

(We’re) losing site of having dreams

In a world that what we want is only what we want until it’s ours

I’m calling all angels

I’m calling all you angels

Train (Calling All Angels)